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This podcast will highlight the advice of charismatic people such as coaches, speakers, trainers and entertainers on how to obtain and develop a more charismatic personality. These charismatic individuals will be interviewed and asked how they do it and how others can become more charismatic. This show will be great entertainment, but also very important for salespeople to politicians, not to mention the individual who only wants to attract the attention of some one of the opposite sex.
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If learning to become charismatic is important to you, then join the fun as I interview some of the top pros in the world to learn their secrets in becoming more charismatic. Be sure to also follow the charisma magic blog

Apr 28, 2016

My Guest Today is

Dr. Nabil Majid



As a practicing physician for more than 15 years, which includes many years working in at the hospital, Dr. Majid knows first-hand the importance of good communication. In his profession, it literally can be the difference between life and death.

In the medical industry, it quickly becomes evident just how important being a confident, well-spoken communicator is. Whether it is effectively taking command of the medical team while saving the life of a critical ill patient, talking to love ones of sick patients, or discussing emerging technology and medical procedures with colleagues, conversing and leading with confidence is vital.

The same is true in everyday life. Confidence, patience, understanding, knowledge, charisma, can all be obtained and used to not only advance our careers and social status, but also make life more fun, worthwhile, and rewarding.

That is why he started Comuneq. He wanted to share his knowledge and experience with others so everyone can obtain the ability to convince with confidence, master the conversation, stay in control, and be the best leader possible.

He is a big believer in how Great leaders are not born, they are made.


Dr. Nabil Majid can be contacted by e-mail at


Or by his mobile phone:

+1 (1916) 468-3800