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This podcast will highlight the advice of charismatic people such as coaches, speakers, trainers and entertainers on how to obtain and develop a more charismatic personality. These charismatic individuals will be interviewed and asked how they do it and how others can become more charismatic. This show will be great entertainment, but also very important for salespeople to politicians, not to mention the individual who only wants to attract the attention of some one of the opposite sex.
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If learning to become charismatic is important to you, then join the fun as I interview some of the top pros in the world to learn their secrets in becoming more charismatic. Be sure to also follow the charisma magic blog

Apr 28, 2016

My interview today is with

Rick A. Morris

 Rick A. Morris, PMP, is an ITIL Practitioner, consultant, author, mentor, and evangelist for project management. Rick is an accomplished project manager and public speaker. His appetite for knowledge and passion for the profession makes him an internationally sought after speaker delivering keynote presentations for large conferences and PMI events around the world.  He holds the PMP (Project Management Professional), MPM (Masters of Project Management), OPM3, Six Sigma Green Belt, MCITP, MCTS, MCSE, TQM, ATM-S, ITIL, and ISO certifications. Rick is the Owner of R2 Consulting, LLC and has worked for organizations such as GE, Xerox, and CA and has consulted to numerous clients in a wide variety of industries including financial services, entertainment, construction, non-profit, hospitality, pharmaceutical, retail, and manufacturing. Rick has over 90 implementations of Project and Portfolio Management systems including Clarity, Project Server, Planview, Primavera, Daptiv, and @task. Rick has two previous books (The Everything Project Management Book, 2nd Edition published by Adams Media and Project Management That Works! published by AMACOM) that were released in 2008.  His latest book is "Stop Playing Games!" published by RMC Publications.  Rick also appears weekly on his live radio show The Work/Life Balance on the Voice America Business Network.


Rick can be reached by phone at


Or e-mail at



Apr 28, 2016



Dan Lok, a multi-millionaire and serial entrepreneur, and an international best-selling author. Dan is considered the world’s leading expert in internet marketing and is referred to by many as the “Millionaire Mentor.”

In fact, if you Google “Dan Lok”, you’ll see his name is all over 1,000,000 web pages! (ONE MILLION) That should tell you something.

Dan’s rise to success did not come easily. When he first came to North America, it was quite a tough cultural adjustment for him.

With his limited knowledge of the English language, it compounded the communication barrier even more. He only had a few friends who understood what he was going through.

Most people made fun of him. School life was a real challenge – both inside and outside the classroom. Eventually, Dan dropped out of college.

His early career was marked by adversity and struggle. Dan got his first job when he was 16. He was a grocery bagger at a local supermarket, making minimum wage and barely making ends meet.

Quite understandably, that’s the one and only job Dan ever had.

Since then, Dan has only worked for himself. Instead of attending business school, Dan enrolled in the school of hard knocks where he learned firsthand the painful way of what works and what doesn’t work in any business.

Through hard work, relentless determination, guidance from his mentors, today Dan is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, a respected figure in the Internet Marketing world, and a highly sought after business mentor, who spends the majority of his time personally managing his businesses and investment portfolio.

His reputation is well established in the Internet space and publishing field, having launched several successful internet companies. Companies under his leadership generate more than $10 million in sales a year, and tens of millions of dollars in revenue in the last few years.

Dan is one of the rare keynote speakers and business consultants that actually owns a portfolio of highly profitable business ventures. He is also well known for his keen online brand perception, social marketing ideas, business growth strategies, new product promotions, and email marketing genius.

Dan is the founder and CEO of Charm Junction, Inc., which was named Online Retailer of The Year by Canada Post in 2012. Dan is also the author of a dozen books that teach financial freedom and entrepreneurial skills, including F.U. Money, Secrets of Canadian Top Performers, Creativity Sucks, and Lies Salon Owners Believe, etc.

Because of Dan’s transformation journey to reaching the top, in just his early 30′s (yes!), he believes in giving back to the community, and actively seeks opportunities where he can share his real world strategies and proven business fundamentals.


Mar 23, 2016

My guest today is

Olivier Taupin


Olivier Taupin is one of the most influential social media professionals on LinkedIn. He is the founder of many large LinkedIn groups, including Linked:HR, the largest professional group on LinkedIn with 980,000 members.

Olivier was born in Paris, France, and has an MBA from Pacific Lutheran University. He currently lives in the Seattle area with his wife and two children.

His mission is to help company executives to better use LinkedIn to recruit, generate qualified leads, conduct market researched, and promote social media content, such as webinars, live events, white papers, podcasts, or webcasts.

Olivier can be reached on linkedin at

Or e-mailed


Oct 15, 2015





She has been noted as one of the top 200 certified financial planners in America by Money Magazine, and has won the innovative educator awards for an educational television series. She has also been appointed to chair the National Woman's Business Council. Mary Ann speaks internationally on personal finance using magic with her message. She has studied and listened to many top speakers on charisma so that she can personally apply their ideas.



Mary Ann Campbell

with Money Magic Inc.

can be reached by e-mail at


Or by phone at


Sep 16, 2015

My Guest Today is

Gloria Rand









Gloria is an internet marketing expert, speaker and contributing author to the best-selling book, Connect: 100 + Mind-Blowing Strategies to Use Social Media and Drive Business Growth. Her innovative programs help entrepreneurs create an online presence that dramatically improves their leads and sales.


She can be reached by phone at 7869428321

Or by e-mail at (

You can also find out more about her on


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Sep 11, 2015




Dr. Larsen is an Award-Winning Professional Speaker, a Data Visualization Thought Leader, and a Consultant who uses professional speaking as an extremely effective way to market her business. She is well known as a Keynote Speaker, a Master of Ceremonies, an Educational Presenter, and a Professional Trainer.

Her top 3 tips for charismatic presence:

 be yourself (authentic)

 incorporate humor

 make your presentation about THEM (THE most important tip for charisma)

Notice that none of these say you MUST be a perfectly polished speaker. It helps, of course, but it is not the key skill.


Dr. Teresa Larsen can be contacted

by e-mail at (

or phone at +1 (720) 258-6626

You can also find more information through her

 linkedin account


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Sep 9, 2015


Renita D. Alexander


Renita Alexander is passionate about leadership!  As a retired Air Force Colonel, Renita brings over 27 years of inspirational and transformational leadership experience, as well as infinite energy and enthusiasm, to her clients!  Moreover, she is an expert in the extensive leadership training and experiential leadership development unique to the military, as well as in the practical management skills characteristic of a small or start-up business.


Post retirement, Renita discovered a lack of leadership in many of the business she encountered. Convinced that anyone can learn to become a better leader, she earned a coaching certification and founded Leadership Unlocked, a full service, leadership development company.


Today Renita focuses most of her energy on The Social Leadership Academy, a global incubator for aspiring world leaders. A co-founder of The Academy, Renita brings all the tools at her disposal to help leaders unleash their most effective, influential, and powerful selves in order to transform leadership potential into leadership reality.


Renita can be contacted by Phone:


Or by e-mail



Renita Alexander 
Co-Founder | Servant Leader 



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Aug 12, 2015

My guest today is

 Marc Beaton

While Marc sometimes describes himself A naturally quiet and sometimes reclusive self-described nerd, he also happens to co-host a podcast, THE FIRST AND TEN UK PODCAST, while maintaining a high powered sales job with one of the biggest companies in the UK. His podcast delves into the latest action in the NFL from a British perspective.

I think it is very important to talk to many people from around the world, and I have learned that many of the most charismatic people don’t think they are. Today it will so great to hear from Marc and get his perspective on being charismatic. So, let’s get Marc to tell us what he think charisma means to you?


Marc can be contacted by e-mail at

 or on twitter  @firstandtenuk ,

 but most importantly on his podcast


Be sure to also see the CHARISMA MAGIC BLOG for updates at

Aug 11, 2015





LeTonya F. Moore is an independent author of a recently released book, "Live Like A Champion: Discovering Keys to Unlock Your Destiny". This work provides tips and tools for overcoming stigmas and life’s trials that the average person faces each day. Ms. Moore is no stranger to overcoming obstacles. She was a teenage mother, first person in her family to graduate college and earn an advanced level degree. She has owned many of the very shoes in which many others are walking today.


Ms Moore can be contacted through
Opulence Enterprises at or at

Her phone number is


and her e-mail is
Her FB Page is
Opulence TV FaceBook Page is
LinkedIn is
Twitter is
Champion Life FaceBook Page is


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Aug 7, 2015

My guest today is John Rinehart


  John Rinehart has been involved in leadership development for 20 years. He is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University Rural Leadership Program, and served as Vice President of the programs Advisory Board. John held the position of Executive Director of the Carlisle Pennsylvania based Leadership Cumberland program for seven years. He is a skilled group facilitator, team builder and public speaker, and has been contracted by many organizations to serve in these roles. John has also worked with organizations ranging from small nonprofits to Fortune 100 companies on visioning, strategic planning, and organizational development and was published in the Company of Leaders: 40 Top Leadership Experts Provide Proven Guidance For Your Leadership Success Journey. A graduate of Dickinson College with a Bachelors Degree in European History, John also is a 3nd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. A proud father of three children, John and his wife Cheri live in Dillsburg, Pa with their youngest daughter, Jonna.
John has built his consulting business on his diverse background, combing experience in community-based leadership development, nonprofit management, production agriculture, and retail sales. The end result of all of those experiences is a comfort level that allows him to work with all levels of an organization, from front-line staff and volunteers, to senior executives and elected officials.

Johns facilitation practice is based upon a simple philosophy; get the right people in the room, get them talking by asking the right questions and watch great things happen. This approach has allowed him to help develop strategic visions and plans for numerous organizations such as the Pennsylvania Department of Health, the I-81 Corridor Coalition, the Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce Executives, the Pennsylvania Association of Travel and Tourism, Pennsylvania Community Providers Association and the Cumberland County Smart Growth Partnership.
Along with his work in meeting facilitation, John has an extensive background in designing and delivering leadership and organizational development workshops and presentations. Among the many organizations and businesses John has provided training for are: Dickinson College, the Pennsylvania Homecare Association, the Pennsylvania Coalition on Crime and Delinquency, Youth Advocate Programs, the Pennsylvania Association of Community Health Centers and the Pennsylvania Medical Society



John Rinehart can be reached through his company, Rinehart Consulting, or by phone at (717) 319-1184

Also, please be sure to see updated on the Charisma Magic blog at

Aug 5, 2015

My guest today is

Eric Henning


2014-2015 DC Magician of the Year


Eric Henning has a unique perspective on charisma. A speaker, radio personality, magician and fund-raising event consultant, his career has taken him around the world, from the streets of Paris to the White House, where he performed for President Obama and the First Family.



Eric can be reached at


or my e-mail at

Be sure to also see him on the internet at

And connect with him on facebook

And twitter

Twitter @HenningMagic

Also be sure to find more information on this podcast at the charisma magic blog

Aug 3, 2015

Guest interview today is with

Adam Dicker