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This podcast will highlight the advice of charismatic people such as coaches, speakers, trainers and entertainers on how to obtain and develop a more charismatic personality. These charismatic individuals will be interviewed and asked how they do it and how others can become more charismatic. This show will be great entertainment, but also very important for salespeople to politicians, not to mention the individual who only wants to attract the attention of some one of the opposite sex.
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If learning to become charismatic is important to you, then join the fun as I interview some of the top pros in the world to learn their secrets in becoming more charismatic. Be sure to also follow the charisma magic blog

Sep 28, 2015





Rena is an Award Winning Speaker, Author of her memoir His Puppet No More, and Co-Author of an Amazon Best Seller World Class Speaking in Action. Prior to becoming an Entrepreneur, Rena enjoyed eighteen plus years in a successful career in the construction industry as a Sales and Marketing Representative. Her work ethic, integrity and desire to assist clients at optimum levels helped her surpass many sales goals and was ranked one of the top sales women in the State of Florida.

   Today as a Trainer, Speaker, Certified Speaking and Leadership Coach, she delivers training to corporations, private entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations. Clients range from business owners, sales professionals, and mid-level managers to senior level executives who understand that communicating and leading effectively can directly impact their careers.

   In her Inspirational speeches she shares her story of child abuse in hopes that it will encourage other survivors to seek help and reclaim their lives. It is her mission to share her life lessons enthusiastically to support and inspire others to find their voice so that they can speak their truth honestly, free of shame and become a Happy Loving Person. Rena has also appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show and shared her story.


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Aug 28, 2015

My Guest today is

Tammi C. Walker

Tammi C. Walker was born and raised in the city of Chicago, Illinois. She is a life coach and owner of Dreams Are A Reality.  She also is a certified Personal Fitness Trainer.  From a corporate standpoint, she has held positions in procurement with Ameriserve, Kraft Foods, Case New Holland and most recently, US Cellular.

Being a two-time Breast Cancer survivor has prompted Tammi to become interested in helping others reach their goals and live the life that they dream in all areas. This is why she became a life coach/personal trainer.

Tammi holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Business/Organizational Management from Concordia University in May 2002. Some of Tammi’s extreme passions are helping others, volunteering, singing, writing songs and music.  She also has a great love for tennis, and traveling.

In 2015, Tammi was featured on stage at the Athenaeum Theatre in Chicago in a stage production entitled “My 2nd Act.  This production showcased 10 cancer survivors and how they were spending their life after cancer by helping others, giving back and living their dreams. The production was a success and inspired hundreds of attendees.

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Aug 21, 2015

My guest today is



Glynis is a firm believer in the power of humanity, beginning with how we think, which leads to how we do.  She left a 20 year career as a social worker because she was truly miserable and all the positive thinking in the world didn't cut it.  It took realistic thinking to get her to be the happiest she has ever been, by finding the courage, by the grace of God, to bet on herself.

Her background on paper is pretty flaky: high school dropout, single mother, two bankruptcies and more.  But by using the tools God gave her and never losing sight, truly, of a better way, she has created a life that is truly hers.  And in the end, that's really what we all want.

She is budding life coach, community wellness leader, writer, dreamer and doer--and a very grateful girl that she has had the chance to evolve.


She can be reached my e-mail at

Glynis (

Or phone at 804-482-9129


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