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This podcast will highlight the advice of charismatic people such as coaches, speakers, trainers and entertainers on how to obtain and develop a more charismatic personality. These charismatic individuals will be interviewed and asked how they do it and how others can become more charismatic. This show will be great entertainment, but also very important for salespeople to politicians, not to mention the individual who only wants to attract the attention of some one of the opposite sex.
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If learning to become charismatic is important to you, then join the fun as I interview some of the top pros in the world to learn their secrets in becoming more charismatic. Be sure to also follow the charisma magic blog

Apr 28, 2016




Lee and Sherry Patterson are married and coach together as Life, Relationship and Spiritual Coaches. They have a very successful You Tube channel and run a business called Relationship Reinvented. They also are the owners and founders of the Relationship Reinvented Coaching Certification. As a team they coach from the heart, where (SHERRY) IS THE FUNNY ONE, that is, unless you ask Lee, then he is, naturally. Yes a great team that do relationship counseling right.

You can contact them for more information by visiting their web site at


Apr 28, 2016

My Guest Today is

Dr. Nabil Majid



As a practicing physician for more than 15 years, which includes many years working in at the hospital, Dr. Majid knows first-hand the importance of good communication. In his profession, it literally can be the difference between life and death.

In the medical industry, it quickly becomes evident just how important being a confident, well-spoken communicator is. Whether it is effectively taking command of the medical team while saving the life of a critical ill patient, talking to love ones of sick patients, or discussing emerging technology and medical procedures with colleagues, conversing and leading with confidence is vital.

The same is true in everyday life. Confidence, patience, understanding, knowledge, charisma, can all be obtained and used to not only advance our careers and social status, but also make life more fun, worthwhile, and rewarding.

That is why he started Comuneq. He wanted to share his knowledge and experience with others so everyone can obtain the ability to convince with confidence, master the conversation, stay in control, and be the best leader possible.

He is a big believer in how Great leaders are not born, they are made.


Dr. Nabil Majid can be contacted by e-mail at


Or by his mobile phone:

+1 (1916) 468-3800


Apr 28, 2016



 Paul MacAlindin discovered from an early age that he loved being an artist leading artists. As a musician, dancer and all-round performer, he found his voice through conducting, a passionate journey that has led him to work with orchestras and ensembles all over the world, from the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra to the Armenian Philharmonic to the Düsseldorf Symphoniker.

In 2008, he began the biggest and riskiest adventure of his life, Music Director of the National Youth Orchestra of Iraq. Together with the most amazing young people from Iraq, he built an international hit out of despair and hopelessness. His book, UPBEAT: the story of the National Youth Orchestra of Iraq, comes out in September 2016, Sandstone Press.



BY PHONE AT 44-746-466-9972




And, of course, you can connect with him also on twitter here



Apr 28, 2016

My interview today is with

Rick A. Morris

 Rick A. Morris, PMP, is an ITIL Practitioner, consultant, author, mentor, and evangelist for project management. Rick is an accomplished project manager and public speaker. His appetite for knowledge and passion for the profession makes him an internationally sought after speaker delivering keynote presentations for large conferences and PMI events around the world.  He holds the PMP (Project Management Professional), MPM (Masters of Project Management), OPM3, Six Sigma Green Belt, MCITP, MCTS, MCSE, TQM, ATM-S, ITIL, and ISO certifications. Rick is the Owner of R2 Consulting, LLC and has worked for organizations such as GE, Xerox, and CA and has consulted to numerous clients in a wide variety of industries including financial services, entertainment, construction, non-profit, hospitality, pharmaceutical, retail, and manufacturing. Rick has over 90 implementations of Project and Portfolio Management systems including Clarity, Project Server, Planview, Primavera, Daptiv, and @task. Rick has two previous books (The Everything Project Management Book, 2nd Edition published by Adams Media and Project Management That Works! published by AMACOM) that were released in 2008.  His latest book is "Stop Playing Games!" published by RMC Publications.  Rick also appears weekly on his live radio show The Work/Life Balance on the Voice America Business Network.


Rick can be reached by phone at


Or e-mail at



Apr 28, 2016

My guest today is

Katie Lynn McDowell


Katie Lynn McDowell Bio in her own words


Bios are not my favorite as I believe that they are self-serving. As a result, I wrote this in first person. When I was younger my idol was Florence Nightingale. I believe that she was knowledgeable beyond her time. “And so the world put back by the death of everyone who has to sacrifice the development of his or her peculiar gifts (which were meant, not for selfish gratification, but for the improvement of the world) to conventionality.” I believe that the world revolves around healing. We are always striving for something and through that there is healing. Currently, I have a BSN degree. Soon after I achieved my BSN I discovered that what I went to school for was something that I didn’t want to pursue anymore.

The most influential acting instructor for me is Kimberly Busbee from Des Moines, IA. In IA I worked on multiple independent films. “The Vindication of Ronald Clay” being my favorite. Later, I got accepted into the Tom Todoroff Conservatory in NY and continued my acting studies further. Through acting I began to rediscover myself in a new way and I discovered the healing power of acting. I discovered that healing was not limited to being a nurse or working in the medical profession. Through acting I believe that I have the ability to reach out and heal people on an even larger scale than when I was an RN. When I walk into an auditorium or on set I feel encapsulated by a certain quintessential charm and mystery that each set holds. There is no greater truth for me. Acting is where my heart is and I encourage you all to go where your heart leads you and follow your joy.



Katie Lynn McDowell can be contacted at

Or by phone at


Also be sure to watch her video here

 where she explains who she is


Apr 28, 2016



Dan Lok, a multi-millionaire and serial entrepreneur, and an international best-selling author. Dan is considered the world’s leading expert in internet marketing and is referred to by many as the “Millionaire Mentor.”

In fact, if you Google “Dan Lok”, you’ll see his name is all over 1,000,000 web pages! (ONE MILLION) That should tell you something.

Dan’s rise to success did not come easily. When he first came to North America, it was quite a tough cultural adjustment for him.

With his limited knowledge of the English language, it compounded the communication barrier even more. He only had a few friends who understood what he was going through.

Most people made fun of him. School life was a real challenge – both inside and outside the classroom. Eventually, Dan dropped out of college.

His early career was marked by adversity and struggle. Dan got his first job when he was 16. He was a grocery bagger at a local supermarket, making minimum wage and barely making ends meet.

Quite understandably, that’s the one and only job Dan ever had.

Since then, Dan has only worked for himself. Instead of attending business school, Dan enrolled in the school of hard knocks where he learned firsthand the painful way of what works and what doesn’t work in any business.

Through hard work, relentless determination, guidance from his mentors, today Dan is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, a respected figure in the Internet Marketing world, and a highly sought after business mentor, who spends the majority of his time personally managing his businesses and investment portfolio.

His reputation is well established in the Internet space and publishing field, having launched several successful internet companies. Companies under his leadership generate more than $10 million in sales a year, and tens of millions of dollars in revenue in the last few years.

Dan is one of the rare keynote speakers and business consultants that actually owns a portfolio of highly profitable business ventures. He is also well known for his keen online brand perception, social marketing ideas, business growth strategies, new product promotions, and email marketing genius.

Dan is the founder and CEO of Charm Junction, Inc., which was named Online Retailer of The Year by Canada Post in 2012. Dan is also the author of a dozen books that teach financial freedom and entrepreneurial skills, including F.U. Money, Secrets of Canadian Top Performers, Creativity Sucks, and Lies Salon Owners Believe, etc.

Because of Dan’s transformation journey to reaching the top, in just his early 30′s (yes!), he believes in giving back to the community, and actively seeks opportunities where he can share his real world strategies and proven business fundamentals.


Apr 28, 2016

Guest interview today is with

Beverly Fells Jones



Beverly Fells Jones is a radio show host, speaker, and author who talks about changing your mind to change your life. She is a hypnotist and a Jose Silva Ultramind ESP instructor.  I am sure you will agree that she is a dynamic, interesting and somewhat funny person to know.



Beverly Fells Jones’ past and present experiences (wife, mother, one of IBM’s top performers for 30 years and Hewlett-Packard for over a decade) have prepared her to become an advisor, a consultant, and a confidant to individuals and companies who want to perform to their highest capacity. Ms. Jones' principal area of concentration is in personal development. She develops cutting-edge training and facilitates the advancement of individuals, by the thousands, worldwide.

As a Life Coach, seminar leader, keynote speaker and author of three enlightening books, Beverly helps you learn and apply techniques to your life desires, enabling you to realize real change, mentally and physically. She assists in clearing away stumbling blocks to success and is a master at peeling away the layers of limiting thoughts that keep a person in the same place. Using proven processes that tap into the Alpha and Theta Brain wave states of mind, you learn how to become the master of your own destiny.

Beverly helps to empower you to change your mental programming by neutralizing the negative voice and then reprogramming your mind towards success. This change opens you to the potential of creating a new reality for yourself. Within a short amount of time, you begin to live life from a completely new perspective, naturally and easily.

Suggested Workshops/Webinars/Speech Topics:

 Manifesting the Life You Want

 Tapping into the Secrets of the Subconscious Mind

 Mindfulness for Stress Control

 Commanding Your Life Purpose

 Favor Is Fair. You Just Aren’t Tracking Your Outcomes.

 I Can’t Find My Keys or What Did I Come In Here To Get?- Using intuition to improve your Memory


Books, related websites, blog posts, radio programs, news articles, education, certifications:

“Christianity, The Law of Attraction and The One Command, Bible Principles Revealed and Applied to everyday Living.” Authorhouse, 2012, Available on all book outlets.

“Manifesting The Life You Want, Prime Directives for Abundant Living”, 2015

“Relationship Buzz” former columnist for - The column covered issues with dating over 50 and other topics regarding interpersonal relationships.

Ms. Jones is a Certified Hypnotist, Certified Silva UltraMind ESP Instructor, and holds certifications in a myriad of other subject matter.

Ms. Jones graduated from Dallas Baptist University with a BS and MBA.


linkedin: http://linkedin/beverlyfellsjones




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